Yaacob is the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs since 2002.

The Malay community hates him because allegedly he never stood up for their rights, especially on wearing the tudung.

It matter not, the number of mosques he has helped built or the work he has done with MUIS and MENDAKI to help the community progress.

Maybe we do know the good work that we has done but we are deliberately turning a blind eye on them and focusing only on his negative things.

It is tough to be Yaacob.

The community did not choose him. We did not elect him. Yaacob knows this,  yet he continues to do his job….

There are now more Malay first class graduates, more professionals… blah blah blah.. But you already know that because you can see our community progress with your own eyes. You saw how the mosque has evolved from just a place of worship into a space that functions as support pillars for families with quality teachers and facilities. You have seen the lives of the less fortunate being transformed after being given a second chance.

Yet, we criticise him all the same. We even cast doubt on his faith and that he is not fit to lead us because he is not the Muslim that we think he should be.


Who are we to judge if an individual is more Muslim than others.

We want Muslim ladies to be able to wear the tudung without prejudice but how do we get about doing that?

We have been asking the government to allow our Muslim ladies wear the hijab for the past decades. Yet here we wait.

Singapore is a secular society and by definition it is not connected with religious or spiritual matters.

Yet we have a Minister-in-charge of Muslim affairs fighting for our rights with whatever power he has in him.

It is tough to be Yaacob Ibrahim.

But he is a tough man because as a Muslim he knows that it is his responsibility to keep persevering in his fight for our rights – some call it a lost cause, we call it is his Jihad.