This year’s general election is well underway, and many many words have been exchanged. From barbs about roosters and dogs to speeches about Singapore’s past, present and future, all the parties involved have made their presences felt.

Despite all these exchanges and campaigning, the general election has left me with quite a few questions unanswered. I’ve listed them here, in hopes that a bored politician would chance upon this page and perhaps shed some light on these boggling questions:

What is up with AHPETC?

Honestly, is there anyone in Singapore that’s not sick and tired of these six letters? The PAP and WP has said its piece, and both parties said that the facts are out and voters can decide… and that lasted for about 4 hours until Low Thia Khiang held up a piece of paper claiming that PAP lost money.


What happened to letting the voters decide?! The facts are out – the financial statements, auditing reports, court statements, parliamentary statements are all out there. The voters can decide whether the PAP is bullying WP, or is the WP hiding the truth.

Just lay out the facts, and we the voters can decide.

Why all the merchandise so expensive?

Umbrellas for $12, fans for $12, flags also for $2. I suppose that’s fair, and a legal way of getting funding for political activities.


But manifesto is $5? Seriously?! You’re making people pay to read what you’re proposing for Singapore?

And speaking of manifestos…

Why do the parties write so much in their manifestos, only to say they don’t want to form the government?

If they don’t want to form the government… then who would be the one implementing the policies? The PAP? This means that the PAP would have to be the bad guys raising the taxes to fund the free healthcare and free houses that some parties are suggesting!

Oh, then come next election the opposition parties can turn around and say ‘Oh dear PAP so horrible, increase taxes. Vote for us we will scold them in parliament!’

Sounds like a win-win scenario for opposition parties.