If you were only online in the last four days, you would think that the Internet is a very angry place.

Since nomination day, the false divisions between the supporters from different political camps have upped the ante – spewing hell and fury on anything or anyone that might have a contrarian viewpoint.

What I really wanted to say is that, people have gone on witch hunts online to shit on everyone else that may vote differently.


It seems like no one has been spared from merely having a personal opinion. This young female voter bravely aired her points of view on camera and was immediately called all sorts of names.


embed 1

Even the online vigilantehs at SMRT Feedback were not spared.


Smrt Feedback

Ditto for mainstream media.


cna comments


It’s like a blunt force trauma approach to shutting out differing points of view.

  1. Fish and stalk for comments or viewpoints that you think are detrimental to the party you support
  2. Summon a barrage of comments and bully said target into submssion.

One wonders the effect it’s had on Singaporeans thus far. Many, we think, would withhold opinion for fear of being a target of online haranguing. It’s a pity if its come to this though. Surely this barrage of hate isn’t productive, in any way or form.

Maybe SKM should bring Singa the courtesy lion out of retirement and into the 21st century. We hear cats are very popular online.