Dear Diary

Today evening I suddenly kept sneezing. Don’t know why also, until just now my friends tell me got people criticize MRT at rally.

No wonder I keep sneezing!

So bad these people. I retiring already still don’t give chance, want to talk about MRT and bus. But never mind, today Friday tomorrow better day!

Anyway I going to retire soon, and MRT will not be my problem LOL. Remember the bua-long-long volunteer? Maybe it will be his problem LOL.


Oh oh oh! I forgot to tell you all – nowadays PAP rallies damn happening man!

You see? Got LED lights one, machiam K-pop concert LOL.


Last time when I must talk at rally only got vanguard sheet, cannot even see from the stage. LOL JOKING. PAP rally nobody go one, you use A4-size paper saying ‘Tuck Yew 4ever’ I also can see from up there LOL.

Wah I see all the pattern nowadays very scary, luckily I decide to retire. If not I would need to go on stage and sing K-pop song.

But if really needed, I can sing lah. Can sing my favourite K-pop song – I want nobody nobody Tuck Yew! LOL.



Tuck Yew


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