It’s not easy to be a teacher these days. We hear stories all the time.

These days. Cannot punish the kids. Cannot scold the kids. Cannot give too much homework. Cannot make them carry too much textbooks. Cannot ask them when Cheryl’s birthday is.

Must give them holistic education. Must take part in CCA. Must work really long hours. Must not take leave. Must make sure kids can find out what they want to do in future. Must make sure that tuition teachers don’t misguide the kids on the exam syllabus. Must make sure no one played truant (oh actually no, that’s because class size has been shrinking over the years).

Everyone seems to have an idea on how to improve the education system. Now it’s not just lifelong learning. It’s SkillsFuture. Kids upgrade, teachers also must upgrade. Last year it was pedagogy training sessions, this year it is emotional engagement training.

Yet. Despite all the improved grades, character building and development of varied skillsets teachers have instilled in these kids, there are those who still think that it’s there’s a failure in the education system.

But nevermind. We are teachers. We will suck it up because we are doing it for the kids.