At the workers party rally yesterday at Jalan Besar GRC , Sylvia Lim touched a topic that struck a chord with the public – Singapore soccer.

We were smiling when she brought up that topic.

She was after all in Jalan Besar – Home of the LionsXI  (Ole ole ole)


Malaysia Super League Champions 2013

Her partner is the legendary Quah Kim Song – Singapore’ s mercurial striker in the 1970s who  scored a brace to help Singapore win against Penang in the Malaysia Cup Final at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

It was therefore apt that she spoke about Singapore’s soccer – except for the fact that she suddenly turned it around to highlight how the PAP is screwing everyone by being heavy handed in their approach.

According to her, even the FAS Chairman is appointed by the PAP and that is the main reason why the system is so screwed up.

No doubt, Singapore is now at one of its lowest FIFA ranking ever (no. 157). The S League is also facing its worst crisis since its establishment in 1996. We have not had another Fandi Ahmad since.. Well Fandi Ahmad and none are seriously considering soccer as a profession anymore….

As Sylvia continues to talk about how screwed up Singapore soccer was and how the FAS is “nose diving”, the lions were battling their heart out in a World Cup Qualifier in Oman.

After their spectacular draw with Japan, Sylvia was nearly made to eat her words as Khairul Amri attempt came off the goal post. (source)

Singapore was an inch away from topping the tables for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Sylvia definition of success were the hey days of the Malaysia Cup.

We are proud of our  sports history but Look beyond we say

Beating Malaysia is not all that matters to us. We want the World Cup.