Why are all the party slogans this elections so underwhelming. With you, we went to study the big brand who do it better, for you. Empowered with PR and Marketing money, these alternative slogans are surely better. Surely these substitutes are better.

PAP Slogan

PAP’s With you, for You, for Singapore

What is should have been instead: Daikin’s Everywhere with you

Damn. What a mouthful. How does one say this emphatetically during rallies? They should have taken a leaf out of Daikin’s Everywhere with you. So much easier and like Daikin’s premium, energy-efficient products, it connotates the same cheaper better and faster system that the PAP desire.

wp slogan

Worker’s Party’s Empower Your Future 

What it should have been: Intel’s Intel Inside

Empower your future. Sounds more like a Petronas fuel slogan. What is empower? Make stronger? We vote you to make you stronger so that you can make our future stronger? Wah lao. Should have just copied the famous Intel Inside Trademark. Opposition Inside. That’s what you want right? Worker’s Party in Parliament.

SDP Slogan

Your Voice in Parliament – SDP

What is should have been: Burger King’s Have it Your Way

The SDP likes to tell you how you should demand for things in Singapore. Like their Democracy Now protests (because Singapore not democratic) a few years back. Like Chee Soon Juan’s demand for Goh Chok Tong’s answer regarding money loaned to Indonesia. SDP demands things for Singaporeans. No need to be in parliament to have heard their voice though. That’s why we think Burger King’s Have it your way is a lot more appropriate for them.

reform party

Reform Party’s A Brighter Future, Today

What it should have been: Skittle’s Taste the Rainbow 

There’s not much to say about the Reform Party’s slogan except – Do you think they will bring you a better future? Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. That’s why we think Skittle’s Taste the Rainbow serves as a good representation of their hopes and dreams.

nsp slogan

NSP’s Singaporeans Deserve Better!

What it should have been: Maxwell House’s Good to the Last Drop

NSP thinks that Singaporeans deserve better. Of course we do. Which opposition party would tell you that Singaporeans deserve worse? We think that the NSP live up to Maxwell House’s coffee – Good to the last drop. Even after that many leadership depatures, they still can squeeze out someone else to be Sec-Gen. Win.

 Restore our nation

SingFirst’s Restore Our Nation

What it should have been: The world’s local bank

Somehow or some way, SingFirst thinks that Singapore needs restoring. To do so, they suggest the use of our nation’s ‘bountiful’ reserves. Because instead of saving money for a rainy day, it should be used for putting Singaporean’s First. We think HSBC’s The World’s Local Bank best suits them. Because the best thing about winning the elections, is to be able to take money out of a nation’s bank.

What do you think of everyone’s slogans?