Dear Diary

Today is a good day because I finally had some time to myself!

And it was because when I wake up my arms no longer hurt. I didn’t need to put up anymore new banners you see, because Hsien Loong face already everywhere.

Everywhere until people complain, and pull down his poster! Pull a Loong face, get it get it LOL. But luckily I never kena arrow to go repair.

Anyway today I went to Comex look look see see. Need to buy new laptop because in a few days time I will be officially retired, and I can play game again. By the way my favourite game is Battleship because I always win!

I don’t like Railway Tycoon.

After that I went to check out the rally. Really regret it. The moment I step in then got big crowd around me, machiam rock star LOL.


But today rally no Hsien Loong, so I sian half. No Hsien Loong so sian half, get it get it LOL.

So anyway after a while then I bored already, so go home and play Battleship. Battleship very fun, not like Railway Tycoon.



Tuck Yew


Disclaimer: This post is done in the spirit of fun, and no malice is intended. We also do not represent the views of Lui Tuck Yew or his diary.