Dear Diary

Today I woke up a bit late. Still damn shag from putting up banners yesterday, so slept a bit longer. Luckily Hsien Loong got rally tonight, too distracted to notice I late today.

Thought it’s a good sign but again, I spoke too soon.

Even before I finish surfing EDMW I get another SMS arrow. Basket, ask me go rally tonight be supporter! Say scared not enough supporter at rally so I should go.

1 more Tuck Yew in the audience, so big difference meh? Minister so long already now I want to retire still must go be supporter. You tell me, emo or not?

Anyway, Hsien Loong still boss. So I go lor.

Then when I reach the rally they ask me to be usher. Damn sad ok. Maybe they punish me for wearing wrong pants. What to do? Forgot my white pants lah. I holiday mood already mah LOL.


And not just usher old MPs okay. Tuck Yew also must usher neighbourhood auntie. You see everyone else in the picture also surprised that I usher, stare stare stare still cannot believe.


Never mind, Hsien Loong ask me so I do my duty.

But wah this Straits Times really make me damn angry. Before I want to retire they always use damn satki camera to take my picture. Now I want to retire they use some lousy camera.


You see?  This picture so small, machiam taken by a Nokia. I think you stick a lens into a watermelon and use watermelon to take picture, the picture come out also nicer LOL.




Tuck Yew


Disclaimer: This post is done in the spirit of fun, and no malice is intended. We also do not represent the views of Lui Tuck Yew or his diary.