I’m definitely lucky to be living in Aljunied GRC. While I personally did not attend any of the rallies in 2011, I supported them because of the need to have a credible opposition in Parliament.

I know the whole furore over the AHPETC financial issues did get the mood down for a bit and I went through the AHPETC’s documents to see for myself what was done right and wrong. Yes, I can accept some mistakes were made but what is important is that they’ve stayed in Aljunied to solve any problems and are committed to helping residents in their area.

After watching yesterday’s rally, I’m even more convinced that the Workers’ Party is that credible party we need. They have quite a bit of support from the people and are actually bringing several rational, workable policies to the table.

If I was living in any other electoral district other than Aljunied, I’d have to admit that it would be a much more difficult decision to make. Honestly speaking, no one can dispute that among the opposition parties, the Workers’ Party is the best organised and simply speak to the people in an earnest way. But that is not prevalent amongst the other opposition parties.

I don’t envy other voters across the other electoral districts. Looking at what’s on offer…

The Reform Party’s candidates cannot even remember their own party’s name and their policies lack one simple thing – Balance. As much as we like to see packets of goodies given out, it has to be sustainable.

Similarly, I have doubts over the Singapore Democratic Party. While I personally do not condone personal attacks, one should also not pretend what they did never happen. Yes, Lawrence Wong should probably not have gone out against Chee Soon Juan about his past misdeeds but Chee should stop denying what has been done. After all, Mrs Lina Chiam has already confirmed that Mr Chee’s version of events is “half of the truth”.

Either way, we all have difficult choices to make over the next week but I figure some have it easier than others. We have a multitude of opposition parties but let’s remember they are not all of the same quality as the Workers’ Party and if the recent months have proven, they don’t always work together well. I’d rather see a WP-PAP coalition rather than some mixed bag of nuts.

So, go on and vote come September 11.

Cover picture from Mothership.sg