Pictures speak a thousand words at yesterday’s rally.

On one hand we have the PAP at Radin Mas SMC.


(Source: CNA)

While on the other we have Workers’ Party at Hougang SMC (where there were no lens wide enough to capture the swarm)


Source: Workers Party

Netizens were quick to draw comparisons between the sizes of the crowd and pulled up a picture that suggested that in the past, PAP crowds was way bigger…way way bigger

850633793_16841_10521709434640802012Source: TRE

We were wondering where did the crowd that lined the streets for kilometers during Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral go to? 


Source: TODAY Online

We did a little digging on the World Wide Web.

The picture of the huge PAP rally (in black and white) actually took place in 1964 in Kuala Lumpur (source)

PAP at KL election rally 22 Mar 1964 (1)

It was one of the biggest turn-out in history.

PAP lost nearly all their seats there, winning only one and subsequently thrown out of Malaysia (source)

The next time we want to compare crowd sizes and equate them with votes, think again.

We were part of the WP crowd yesterday. It was a carnival like atmosphere. We went there because we know for a fact that it will be much much more entertaining than the PAP ones (unless they start fist pumping of course). Too bad the WP decided to address the AHPETC issue at their rally where no one could ask questions there. They would have nailed it if they had  said the points in parliament while looking at all the PAP MPs in the eye.

Looking forward to Han Hui Hui’s rally later.