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GE2015: Alternative to Malay PAP MPs

If online chatter is to be taken as truth, it is therefore without a doubt that the Minister for Muslim Affairs is not a favourite person among the Malay – Muslim community.

It is not hard to realise why,

It is the PAP who appointed Yaacob Ibrahim as the Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs.

The community did not choose him. The community did not elect him. The community did not appoint him.

But if anyone is to be a Minister of Muslim Affairs, we should at least expect him to be elected in a constituency with a large number of Muslims.

There are a lot more Malays in Aljuneid. (source)

If Yaacob want to be a leader of the Malay community, I wonder why he did not contest there.

At least, with a larger Muslim electorate, he could have claimed thousands of Malays voted for him.

Instead, his constituency seems to be overwhelmingly non-Muslims.

When asked about the progress of the Hijab discussion, Yaacob mentioned that it was problematic for some jobs and urged members of the community to be patient as he continues discussion . . . (in which the community patiently waited……and waited….and waited)


Source: TODAY

The General Elections is finally here and there was a petition to ask the Malays to not vote for him in the Jalan Besar GRC. That was the only way they could get him out and see change for the Malay Muslim community. They were desperate.


Who else could they vote for they ask? Who else would stand up for their rights?

Some say Damanhuri Abas (in red) of the SDP. Others whispered Mohamed Fairoz Shariff  (in blue)of the WP.

sdp-damanhuri-data download (20)

(Pic by Google images)

Of the numerous opposition parties, only SDP is willing to openly champion the hijab issue. This was again evident during Damanhuri Abas rally speech for SDP – “Malay women wearing tudung is as common as flowering jasmine on a beautiful spring day.” (source)


Source: SDP

Workers Pary went wishy washy as they explained that the discussions should be carried on with an open mind, and include the input of the heads of uniformed professions on the feasibility of accommodating the wearing of the hijab in their organisations, subject to considerations such as operational exigencies. (source)

Party influence.

It seems that a person may have good ideas for the community and be passionate about it but it is the Party that they belong to who will have the final say.

Perhaps, contrary to beliefs, Yaacob was indeed championing our cause behind those close doors (until his hair turned all white) but try as he might, he could not get his Party’s approval.

Yes, the Muslim community have well maintained mosques, we have equal opportunities for education, health care and housing, we have the mosque building fund and we can practice our faith without fear or discrimination.

Perhaps that is exactly why we need a responsible person there to keep championing the interest of the Muslim community. (otherwise we won’t even have these in the first place)

Bit by bit, inch by inch, yard by yard – persevering despite everything that the party denied.

We mentioned it in our previous article GE2015 – I am a Malay Voter.

It is how we succeed regardless of our race and background that makes it remarkable.

Source Zulfikar FB

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  1. Samad

    I support wholeheartedly on the hujan! Let’s challenge the malay muslimah MPs to take off their hijabs if they think it is OK for other muslimahs in govt sectors having to take off theirs (against their will – or risk termination) when performing their work. If they believe PAP is right, then they should take theirs off!!!

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