Nomination Day is over and the hustings have begun. It will be the first time since independence that every constituency will be contested. There will be rallies held over the next few days and we will definitely be attending some of the rallies to have a better view of what the parties and their candidates stand for.

But first, here are the contests across all the constituencies.


*IND represents an Independent Candidate

Three SMC battles to watch:

  • MacPherson SMC

MacPherson is one of the three SMCs to see three-way battles but the only one between three political parties. While some believe that the incumbent Member of Parliament, Ms Tin Pei Ling, is a weak link, she has matured much over the last 4 years and we hear she is more popular than some make her out to be. Her main opponent, the WP’s Bernard Chen Jiaxi, is the legislative assistant to Aljunied MP Muhd Faisal Abdul Manap.

  • Fengshan SMC

Fengshan SMC is a peculiar case with both candidates contesting being new faces to the Single Member Constituency. The PAP’s Cheryl Chan is a grassroots leader and the head of secondary industries as gas and engineering firm The Linde Group. She will face off with the Workers’ Party’s Dennis Tan, who is a shipping lawyer and the Vice-Chair of the WP’s media team.

  • Radin Mas SMC

Radin Mas is one of the two SMCs with independent candidates. And Radin Mas is a special one. Blogger Han Hui Hui will be standing against the PAP’s Sam Tan and RP’s Kumar Appavoo. Just to remind you, Sam Tan is one of the best performing PAP MPs from the 2011 Elections so this will potentially be a big battle for votes, especially amongst the opposing candidates.

Group Representation Constituencies




Three GRC battles to watch:

  • East Coast GRC

East Coast GRC has been cited as one of the biggest battles to watch, especially after the difficult performance in the 2011 General Elections. The WP has sent a pretty strong team to East Coast, with second-timer Gerald Giam and the seemingly popular sociology professor Daniel Goh. One thing to note is East Coast is now a 4-member GRC as Fengshan is now a standalone SMC.

  • Marine Parade GRC

Marine Parade is also set to see one of the tougher electoral battles. The incumbents will face a WP team, which includes NCMP Yee Jenn Jong and Cambridge-educated lawyer He Ting Ru. Ting Ru has since been called the new “Nicole Seah” and we all know what effect that had in 2011.

  • Ang Mo Kio GRC

The Prime Minister will face off with M Ravi in the battle for Ang Mo Kio. This contest started with a bang when M Ravi slipped up during his post-nomination speech. He yelled “Vote for the PAP!” before quickly correcting himself. Also of interest is the entry of the notorious Roy Ngerng of #ReturnOurCPF fame to the political scene. If anything, this battle would be more for entertainment purposes than serious business.

Cover picture from TodayOnline