It was a day of fist pumps, chest thumping and shouts of Majulah <insert Party name>

Adrenaline goes on overdrive as supporters chant party slogans and wave colourful flags.

As the speakers stuck (somewhat) to their scripts, their colleagues accompanying them apparently forgot what their briefs were and memos handed to them.

Smile and wave said the memo. Instead they got into their jam and let it all loose.

ng-eng-hen-boss-speak               chee-hong-tat-chest-thump-2

(Both gifs from Mothership)



The rallies are coming up next. God brace my heart for more awkwardness such as these.

On the bright side. It shows that they are humans after all and provide a much needed break to the AHPETC saga and discussions on foreigners, minimum wage, etc.