All the highfalutin introductions and slogans by the respective parties such as “Together for you”, “Empower the future”, “Restore our Nation”, etc count for noughts when the potential candidates were being unveiled cannot even introduce themselves in their mother tongue with pride.

I mean how you could even call yourself a Chinese, when you cannot even introduce your name in Chinese.

Speaking in your mother tongue is not just a façade or an attempt to win votes; it is a sincere effort in taking pride of your roots, your background and as a potential minister – a mark of respect to the people whom you will be representing.

Take a look at the “ang moh” below when being confronted about being an outsider in Malaysia. You could almost feel the pride spewing out of him.


Potential MPs have to realise that being able to speak in their mother tongue convey so much more messages (on multiple levels) to the people than all their  English words combined during their  media interview.

“blah blah blah deeper engagement,  blah blah blah listen better”.

Ape you cakap? Ler Kong Si Mi?

Our Prime Minister spoke in Engalish, Malay and Mandarin during the recent National Day Rally – fluently

The reporters on the ground knew that it is critical for ministers representing the minority community to speak in their mother tongue and wasted no time in testing the potential candidates for it.

Mr Sidek Malik (SDP candidate) was asked in Malay about his plans to help the Malay Community in Singapore.


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He replied “Can I answer in English?” and a moment later “Can I deflect”.

This prompted the following respond from a netizen.


Ms Chong Wai Fung (SDP candidate) was asked to introduce herself in Mandarin.

She did not even bother trying. She had trouble even with her Chinese name.


(Ms Chong on the far left. Play video from source)

Darryl David (PAP candidate) is Indian by birth and is the minority candidate for the GRC . He doesn’t speak one word Tamil. Instead he speaks Mandarin.


Last but not the least, at Singaporeans First Party unveiling of candidates earlier, there rumors of the Tamil translation not making any sense….


(Source ST)


Bahasa itu menunjukkan bangsa


Take pride in speaking your mother tongue