Yesterday, while doing some online shopping on Qoo10, I came across tons of pretty interesting items. For those that are unaware, Qoo10 is operated by Giosis Pte Ltd and is a joint venture company with eBay. It closely resembles eBay as an online marketplace for people to buy and sell items.

But naturally, a whole host of items are available on Qoo10. Here’s 7 items I’ve picked out that I wonder who is buying.

(Note: In the interest of public decency, some images have been omitted)

1) Gentle Band “Hide your Nipples” Cover/Sticker

This is really for the guys. If you’re feeling shy about your nipples poking through, then this is surely the product for you. Gentle Band will ensure that no part of your nipples can be seen through your clothes. I’m not totally sure that “womens don’t like a man who shows his nipples” but maybe it’s good to get a box just in case it’s true.

2) Christmas Costumes for Sexy Lingerie Party

And this one is for the gals, preferably those attached or married. If you want to give your man or husband an early & kinky Christmas present, then maybe this is for you. Just do not wear it to Christmas parties please.

3) Men Sexy Low Rise Underwear Bikini Brief Boxer Running Shorts

Every guy needs to get one or more of these… like now…

4) Pink Pueraria Bust Up Gel

If you need a lift, perhaps this could be a cheaper alternative. It claims to have an “amazing 14 days effect”. You could potentially move up from A to E within 2 weeks. But as stated on the box, do not over-apply or “enlargement effect will continue”.


(For the guys. Do not over apply)

5) Super Chlorophyll Powder

This chlorophyll drink is meant to cleanse blood, your bowel and fight disease. But if you are feeling down and out, perhaps it could help you photosynthesize as well.

6) Role Playing Uniform

If it’s Saturday night and you’ve got nothing to do, maybe it’s time to whip out the good old “student” or “nurse” uniform. If done right, you’ll be doing your national service by contributing to Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate. Just note that the actual product might not actually look like in the pictures but hey, that is part of the surprise right?


(An example from BuzzFeed of an online order going terribly wrong)

7) Inflatable Pool for Baby

This inflatable pool is for babies from 0 to 3 years old although I’m not particularly sure you should be putting your baby into a pool alone at that age, even if under supervision.

Cover picture from Reddit