And so the nomination process has begun ahead of nomination day next Tuesday. Several political parties have already gone ahead to collect their nomination forms, including the Workers’ Party, Singapore Democratic Party, National Solidarity Party, Democratic Progressive Party and the Reform Party.

But we have Independents too.

Interestingly, there were also a bunch of independents collecting nomination forms for themselves. A couple are also experienced candidates after contesting in previous elections. Independents often bring life to what is often a dreary Here’s a quick look at some of our Independents.

1) Ooi Boon Ewe (Sengkang West SMC)


(Source: Ooi Boon Ewe Facebook)

Previous Elections attempted:

  • Presidential Election 1999 (Ineligible)
  • Joo Chiat SMC, 2001 General Election (Lost)
  • Presidential Election 2005 (Ineligible)
  • Sengkang West SMC, 2011 General Election (Assentor did not turn up on Nomination Day)
  • Presidential Election 2011 (Ineligible)
  • Punggol East SMC, By-election 2013 (Failed to file nomination papers)

Mr Stephen Ooi Boon Ewe is one of Singapore’s notorious perennial candidates for Parliament and President. He was previously a property executive and private tutor. In 2001, Ooi ran in Joo Chiat SMC and received 16.5% of the vote but still handed PAP’s Chan Soo Sen an overwhelming win of 83.55%. Later, he formed the People’s Liberal Democratic Party after the 2006 General Election Nomination Day and therefore, could not contest under the newly-formed party. He later resigned from the PLDP to contest the 2011 presidential election but failed to meet requirements.

In 2015, he plans to contest in Sengkang West SMC as he claims to have been living there for more than 10 years.

2) Zeng Guo Yuan (Potong Pasir SMC)

nominationday7--jpg_033817(Source: Yahoo! Singapore)

Previous Elections attempted:

  • Bukit Timah SMC, General Election 1991 (Lost)
  • Hougang SMC, By-Election 2012 (Did not complete nomination process)
  • Punggol East SMC, By-Election 2013 (Did not contest)

Mr Zeng Guo Yuan is another experienced candidate for election in Singapore. As a member of the Workers’ Party, he contested Bukit Timah SMC and lost to the PAP’s Wang Kai Yuen by 46.9%.

In 2012, Mr Zeng said he could not contest the by-election as he was convicted of an offence of scolding two police officers with vulgarities. Zeng said he was innocent of the deed and his parrot was the guilty party. Similarly, in 2013, Zeng did not contest the by-election as he said he needed “the President’s pardon”.

In 2015, he hopes to contest in Potong Pasir SMC after previously living there.

3) Shirwin Eu (Bukit Panjang SMC)

shirwin-eu-at-eld-data(Source: Channel NewsAsia)

Previous Elections attempted:

  • None

Shirwin Eu currently works as a Uber driver and was actually the first to collect a nomination form. Due to his work experience, he stated he hopes to talk about transport issues. He is looking to contest in Bukit Panjang SMC as he lives near the ward.

4) Tan Lam Siong (Potong Pasir SMC)


(Source: The Straits Times)

Previous Elections attempted:

  • None

Tan Lam Siong is the former Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party. A lawyer, he was elected in January 2015 but stepped down quickly in June to “focus more on his passion for social and community work, and charitable pursuits”.

He is pretty adamant in contesting in Potong Pasir SMC in 2015 even after several members of the opposition tried to convince candidates not to do so.

5) Han Hui Hui, Radin Mas SMC



Previous Elections attempted:

  • None

Blogger Han Hui Hui has posted that she will be contesting Radin Mas SMC as an independent candidate. Of course, a few Singaporeans will know her for her pet topic – CPF. Han said she had picked Radin Mas as it was the closest SMC to her home in Queenstown. Han said she was taking part in an election after “bettering our daily lives from education to transportation to housing to retirement to a brighter future”. (What?!)

Mysteriously, she has chosen to contest an SMC that Reform Party is also contesting. In case you missed it, her best friend forever (BFF) Roy Ngerng seems to have joined the Reform Party. But it is still a pleasant surprise that she has not called for Hong Lim Park to be an SMC as she appears to have walked the ground there most often. After all, her most famous event to date is unfortunately the “heckling” incident at Hong Lim. *sarcasm*

Cover picture from The Straits Times