Parliament has just been officially dissolved and Singaporeans will be called to choose their leaders soon.


Who will we choose. How will we choose. What are we choosing exactly?

The financial market is crashing as we speak and Singapore is facing homeland issues such as immigration and housing.

Who can we count on to help steer us into steady waters and ensure a better future for our children.

Here is a quick recap on the Road to #SgElections and the impressions that the parties have created for themselves ever since the electoral boundaries were released.

You be the judge. PAP, WP, SDP, SDP, SFP, PPP, SDA, NSP, RP.


Workers Party


Unresolved AHPETC issues and allegedly bankrupt – even after the pot shot taken by PAP MPs Tharman (talking about structural integrity of the AHPETC) and Hri Kumar (asking about the silence on basic questions about the AHPETC accounts), AHPETC insisted that there is nothing wrong with their finances and that everything is okay. This prompted the Minister for finance to say that  That is like saying that except for the fact that the pillars of my house are in serious danger of collapsing, everything is fine,”



Workers’ Party is set to contest in 9 constituencies including Fengshan where Sylvia Lim has posted an infamous Instagram picture of herself eating the orh luak and hashtagging #reasontowin. The Workers’ Party also skipped the recent NDR to attended a SG50 National Day dinner with their grassroots. The support there was overwhelming. (Video here). Will be boosted by a Cambriage trained lawyer – He Ting Ru

National Solidarity Party

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The NSP is imploding. First was the u-turn in decision to have a three-cornered fight for MacPherson SMC. Than came the resignation of its secretary general Hazel Poa because apparently she has no control over the direction her party is heading. More recently, Steve Chia cracked under pressure and resigned, blaming it on online trolls who resurfaced his nude online pictures. NSP chairman Sebastian Teo was also not spared as his history of corruption as a Mindef officer was surfaced.

“If I want to fight on, Ill have to be strong” – Sebastian Teo

Netizens have given hope on the NSP to represent them and their views, changing the NSP name to become No Stay Party (referring to the multiple exits of its members) and finally to No Such Party.

The only saving grace for NSP – Kevryn Lim.


Reform Party

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The Reform Party has come up strongly with their proposals to CPF withdrawals and economic sustainability and shored up their ranks by recruiting infamous blogger Roy Ngerng, human rights lawyer M Ravi and activist Gilbert Goh and Osman Sulaiman.


(Source: RP FB)

More interestingly, they are set to contest in PM Lee ward – Ang Mo Kio GRC, giving Roy and PM a second showdown since the widely publicised defamation suit in July this year.

Singaporeans First Party (SingFirst)


Singaporeans First Party is relatively new (founded in 2015) and is led by a former presidential candidate Mr Tan Jee Say.

They are well known for their “amazing power point graphics”, their laughable press release and has a logo that looked like the walls ice cream brand.


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Decked in deep blue, they have made their rounds in Tanjong pagar GRC and Jurong GRC promoting a fair society, strong families and esteemed people and explaining how the nation has lost it soul and that the oppositions are the people’s saviour.

Singapore Democratic Party


The infamous Chee Soon Juan – Teacher, Thinker, Rebel, Why is set to make a comeback after sitting out on the 2011 General Elections due to his undischarged bankruptcy charges.

He is a reckless fearless opposition, arrested and jailed several times for staging public demonstrations. He has yet to do anything drastic in the run up to this election other than playing the guitar on stage and cycling from door to door during his walkabout with his daughters.

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The SDP is boosted by Professor Tambyah candidacy and is set to contest in 5 constituencies which includes the newly created Marsling Yew Tee GRC which is co-anchored by speaker of parliament, Halimah Yacob and Lawrence Wong.

More notably, an ex-SDP member has spilled the beans on the SDP  (more here)

Peoples Power Party


A party lead by veteran opposition Goh Meng Seng. PPP advocates the separation of the five powers (including social, culture, politics and economics) to have a more balanced development of Singapore . Netizens have no idea what is Goh Meng Seng talking about other than his push for minimum wage. Netizens akin PPP manifesto  to a childhood cartoon show called Captain Planet because of his term the five powers.

Singapore Democratic Alliance

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The SDA was the first to come up and say that they will have no problems running a town council (referring to the AHPETC problems with WP) and that the Town Council will be a top priority for them because “Anyone elected as a member of Parliament will have to take good care of the people’s living environment, in addition to them giving a voice in parliament”

Its chairman Desmond Lim poor command of English has made the headlines again after videos of his 2011 rally was re-circulated online in which he retorted not to judge him by his command of English but his willingness to serve and represent the voices of the people (source)


They have insufficient members to mount a credible challenge to PAP  and will be joining forces with another political party for the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. (Source)


Singapore Peoples Party

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SPP has a seat in Parliament as NCMP.  Over the years, Mrs Lina Chiam has consistently spoken up in parliament on issues such as liquor control bill, the size of GRCs and argues for more subsidies for the aging population for the medishield life scheme bill.

The SPP is boosted by the candidacy of Jennette Alduress (former NSP Sec-Gen) and will contest  Mountbatten SMC (Janette for Mountbatten) and Potong Pasir SMC fiercely.



“The SPP will not budge and I’ll still be standing in Potong Pasir even if it’s a three-cornered fight. Because I promised the people of Potong Pasir that I’ll return and I shall return,” – Mrs Chiam.

So there you go. Above are the impressions that the opposition parties have created on us since the release of the electoral boundaries. Over the next few days, we will continue to post the weakness and strengths of each party (including the PAP) to keep the voters  informed as they prepare themselves to decide during pollin day.

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