With the completion of the NDR yesterday, the road to sgelections draws even nearer to the end as the Prime Minister is expected to dissolve the parliament anytime soon (source). We felt that time is running out and that we have yet to even scratch the surface of the thoughts of real singaporeans for this upcoming General election.

Yes, we have a series of posts. We have covered the new faces of this GE, the Road to #sgelections, conspiracy theories of Opposition IBs and even the juicy bites of the constituencies that the PAP will have a hell of a time defending.

As the election date draws closer, we thought it will be incomplete if we did not write anything about Chee Soon Juan – the secretary general of the Singapore Democratic Party….

A person who has attracted controversies ever since his fall out with Chiam See Tong (another legendary figure) in 1996 and his heckling days with Goh Chock Tong using a loudhailer during a walkabout in Jurong during the 2001 General Elections.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZoB7j88FKU]

Chee Soon Juan – Teacher, Thinker, Rebel. Why


Is he a psychopath that others have led to believe or is he really a freedom fighter, the messiah that Singaporeans have long been waiting for.

As we trolled the world wide web (mainly hardware zone forums and reddit) in search of netizens ’ truth’, we chanced upon this blog – An ex-SDP member who left the party earlier this year.

Chee Soon Juan has always insisted that what the people have heard of him is what the PAP has said about him, not what he have been able to directly communicate with the people.



This time around, we get to hear it from the people working closely with him , for him. 

Below are some excerpts from the ex-SDP member blog post. We guarantee that it is filled with information that you will probably be hearing for the first time.

Read on. (It’s really amazing what you can find on the internet..really)

Excerpts from the Jeremy Chen Blog

Why I Left

The SDP has many good people. But unfortunately few of them speak up for the party’s purported principles. (I know: Can’t speak up internally, how to speak truth to power?) This has been an ongoing disappointment to me. Because, seriously: If one can’t or won’t speak up internally, how can one be expected to speak truth to power? (I view this more as an admonition to action rather than a slur.)

So the thing is, CSJ is stubborn, jealous and egotistical. The first is well established, and the latter two are characteristics that a number of people in the party or who have left will attest are true  ……. (more here)