Update: So we’ve seen Mothership blogger Ng Yi Shu‘s claim that we were jumping to conclusions. We wonder what he thinks of this deleted TOC article that shares a similar title with the Wix attack on Sebastian Teo.

TOC questoins 2

Online Internet Brigade accounts have more commonly been associated with the PAP. Legend (or not so much legend) has it that PAP IBs have gone online to defend their beloved Ministers and MPs whenever and wherever needed.

Today, there were two coordinated online attacks on NSP President, Sebastian Teo and former NCMP, Steve Chia. This has resulted in Steve renouncing his candidacy this coming elections.


Steven Chia 3

A website called ‘Steve: Baring it All” was created quickly though Wix’s open platform tool to resurface Steve’s not-so-savory history from 10 years ago. Coincidentally, this came after Steve’s announcement to contest against PAP and WP at Macpherson SMC.

sebastian 2

In the same day, Sebastian’s history, was posted on HardWareZone’s popular EDMW forum. A similar Wix website called ‘My Days of Corruption’ was created. It chronicled Sebastian’s bankruptcy, issues he had while with MINDEF and his NRIC number.

Could it have been attacks from PAP supporters? We highly doubt it. This looks much more sophisticated than their usual modus-operandi. Moreover, they would have less to lose from three-cornered fights (the Punggol East by-elections being an aberration). Having had disagreements with NSP in the earlier opposition meetings and being threatened of three cornered fights, it is not difficult to imagine that WP supporters would feel strongly against NSP candidates.

The timed online reprisals point towards the direction of WP supporters. Do WP IBs exist? Occam’s Razor suggest that they most certainly do. What is left to wonder is how large or influential they are in size.