The weak Malaysia ringgit reaches a new record low today and threatens to go even lower than the 1998 financial crisis. (Source)

Singaporeans have for ages taken advantage of the weaker ringgit (at least $1SGD to $2.2RM) to do their groceries, enjoy their holidays and even make property purchases but  the recent ‘free-falling’ of Malaysia currency (currently at $1SGD to $2.9RM) has given more reasons (2.9 times more ..get it?) for Singaporeans to spend their time there.

Singaporeans who have never taken a trip across the causeway are missing out a lot.

Yes. It is true that Malaysia (especially Johor Bahru) have a bad reputation for a lack of security and that Singaporeans are the main targets there. At least three Singaporean cars have been stolen in the border city of Johor Bahru this month. There were also numerous reports of snatch thefts and robberies on social media. (source)

While it is unfortunate that these things happened, it is important to note that as tourists, one must take the extra precautions to safeguard oneself and their belongings (i.e. double lock everything, do not show your cash in public, be alert at all times, etc). That narcissist attitude that brings about the the frequent exclamation “Wah so cheap ah” should also be kept locked up with the rest of your items.

We have always stand guided that you are no more a victim of a robbery case along the streets of London than you will be in Johor Bahru –  as long as you take all the necessary precautions.

If you agree with us on this principle than you will find out that there are three things that you must do to take advantage of that exchange rate.

Three things because  . .  $1SGD is nearly Three times the Ringgit .. get it.

Hipster Cafes

Hipster cafes are common in capital city Kuala Lumpur but was almost unheard of in Johor Bahru. These cafes are however setting up shop all over JB faster than the illegal hawkers along Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Here are some of them “to die for” hipster cafes that you can now visit. Your #instagram pics will be 2.9X cooler than the rest of your friends

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DSC_0150jk   DSC_0213jk DSC_0206jk  Permas WTM1

Spa and Massages

Get your body and wellness attended to. This is the next best thing you can do to get a massage without booking a flight to Bangkok. [After conversion- SGD $20 per hour]


P3260006 P3260005


With the falling Malaysian ringgit, everything in the shops seriously feels like a great bargain. Seriously.

    • JB City Square – A stone’s throw from immigration and recently refurbished (i.e expanded). 200 retailers that sell both local and international goods. Also has a movie theater and saloons.


    • Johor Premium Outlet – Discounted high end shopping. Everything from Ferragamo and Coach to Kate Spade and Tony Burch 

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Time to exercise that financial muscle and privilege as Singaporeans and enjoy the stronger dollar. Just remember to be extra careful when travelling and PLEASE stop saying ‘Wahlau damn cheap!” in public!