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From Singapore to London

Our local reddit page /r/Singapore had a pretty interesting map yesterday showing that it is actually possible to travel from Singapore to London by train. Yes, train.


A large portion of your trip will be on the Trans-Siberian Railway via the Chinese Eastern Railway, connecting from Beijing to Moscow/St Petersburg, with shorter connecting train rides bridging the remaining distance.

But before you get to planning a whirlwind trip from Singapore to London, take note that it’s going to take weeks to get there. In fact, travelling along the Russian leg is likely to take you at least 6 days or 143 hours. And that’s not including the shorter trips you have to take from Russia to London and Singapore to Beijing. Also, a commenter pointed out that there’s actually no train route through Cambodia so you’ll actually have to take a bus.

So how long do you think it’ll take to go from Singapore to London? My guess would be somewhere around 2.5 to 3 weeks. And the cost? Probably upwards of S$3,000.

Here’s a brief breakdown of costs for travel:

Route Cost Time
Singapore – Kuala Lumpur $15 6.5 hours
Kuala Lumpur – Penang $11 6 hours
Penang – Bangkok $35.38 20 hours
Bangkok – Saigon (by bus) $54.83 72 hours
Saigon – Hanoi $90 9 hours 20 minutes
Hanoi – Beijing $50.60 36 hours
Beijing – Moscow $1380 144 hours
Moscow – Berlin – Paris $660 42 hours
Paris – London $300 2 hours

It’s a brief calculation but it will cost about $2,600 easily and will take about 2 weeks. That’s of course provided you could get trains back to back.
(and trains don’t break down)

It’s something you can probably try once in a lifetime but its definitely too troublesome to do more than once. It’s a bucket list kind of thing. After all, spending $3,000 to sit on a train is probably not the average person’s idea of a great holiday.


  1. Hey i did Singapore to Beijing, not back to back but still its exhausting! Couldn’t imagine carrying on to London!

  2. Really cool thought. I am planning this for next summer! Thanks!

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