Teachers are set to give between 4 to 9 per cent increases in their monthly salaries from October. It is to ensure that their wages keep pace with the market. Teachers will also get a new annual payment of between $500 and $700 in September each start, starting from 2016.

In addition, graduates and non-graduate teachers will now have the same salary structure, uniting the two schemes with the same underlying progression path.

MOE said that the review is meant to “signal the importance we place on teaching as a profession, and show our commitment in attracting and retaining quality teachers.”

Carrots or regular review?

So of course, its election season and a few of you feel that it’s an election carrot. Perhaps it is a carrot but as long as you don’t need to return the money, it doesn’t really matter who you vote for. And we are pretty sure there will not be a GST increase because Tharman says it in writing.

But it could also just be a regular review lah! Even in 2012, teachers also got a salary adjustment of 8 per cent. And we are quite sure that 2012 was not a general election year.

So chill everyone, got pay increase then accept it. After all, we can’t really disagree that our teachers are important. It’s a difficult job but most of our teachers believe in what they do and are passionate in their belief that our children deserve an education. They work long days and weekends. They have to deal with difficult students and difficult parents more so than last time.

Cheers to our teachers! It’s tough being one so at least they are getting paid well for it.

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