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Where’s Sylvia off to?

Singapore is clearly in “election season” now after the Jubilee weekend and there has been a constant stream of news about new candidates. Politicians across all political parties have begun upping their public relations and social media game.

And Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim has been no exception.

Sylvia launched her Instagram account yesterday and her first post sent a simple message…


Sylvia sneakily added the hashtag #reasonstowin in the photo of herself eating some “heavenly” orh luat (oyster omelette). That of course gave rise to speculation she’s about to leave her Serangoon division stronghold in Aljunied GRC.

It would certainly be a sad day to see her leave the Aljunied team, especially after the recent saga over AHPETC’s finances. There will definitely be questions asked if she were to leave.

Who would take over from her as Chairman of the Town Council? Can the audit issues finally be solved? Shouldn’t she be leading the East Coast GRC team instead of contesting a single seat since East Coast seems to be the big one WP is after?

Most of all, one would think she should stay on to solve the problem as Chairman of the town council, so it is difficult to understand why this could be happening.

Perhaps we won’t have to wait long for some answers as Mr Low has hinted WP’s candidates for the upcoming GE could be introduced this Sunday.

Pictures from Sylvia Lim’s Instagram page & TodayOnline

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  1. The Middle Ground had already deemed WP parrying of the AHPETC accounts and financial issues as wonderful. Whether it is smoke screen, entangled communicative devices, cunningly deceptive political strategies or just plain boh chap, it’s really unacceptable works in progress even if TMG perceived the ongoing saga as a distinct disadvantage to the incumbents if further pursued.

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