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Thank Yew – Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew steps down (Cont’)

As news of Mr Lui Tuck Yew’s resignation trickled down into the furthest corners of social media, people started coming forward and pay tribute to the man that they so often criticise for their transport woes.

It is hard not to notice that the very same people who used to say (F) Tuck Yew with spite and galling impudence have now reached down deep in their hearts and soul to say Thank Yew.


Our previous article ““Thank Yew – Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew steps down” was one such tribute. And we were one of those (F) Tuck Yew haters.

The tribue has since been received relatively well.  Mr Lui continues to be the minister with the most memes on the internet. (Go Google image his name, that collection is still growing) but at least he left us with a much improved transport system.

In light of the coming #sgelections, opposition parties have for the longest time campaigned to vote the transport minister out citing poor management, overcrowding, unreliable service and increasing cost amongst other reasons.

Since his resignation, Workers’ Party Low Thia Kiang (the de-facto leader of the opposition party) has come forward and complimented Mr Lui dedication as Transport minister.


“From my perspective, from what I’ve seen on the ground. He tried his best, It’s my understanding he has managed to convince Cabinet to spend quite a lot of money on 500 additional buses to solve some of the problems. You can see certain effects of it.” – Mr Low Thia Khiang

Mr Lui must really be scratching his head this time around ( and henceforth adding on to his collection of memes). Not sure if the oppositions public want him out or want him to stay. Are they jumping for joy now that people like Low Thia Khiag can finally prove themselves to be better transport ministers or are they really sad to see him go.


Politics will never be meant for us because we cannot fathom how a person could say one thing yet do another.

Thank goodness Mr Lui touched his heart and fought for Singaporeans instead and chose to dedicate his time in improving the transport system during his stint as Transport Minister.

As the road to #sgelections intensifies, you too  will soon have to see past the charades and touch your heart –  vote for the party that has done their best despite all odds and criticisms the memes on the world wide web.

Source: Channel News Asia

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  1. Abby

    Yea I agree, I urge the cabinet to make low thia thiang as the transport minister since all he does is to insult. See if he could deliver what he preach. I wonder what’s his education background and what’s his work experience like. Quite embarrassing to see an uncle who can’t speak proper English as an mp

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