Now that you have enjoyed the jubilee weekend break with spectacular fireworks, incredible formations of the Black Knights and heard Sam Willows swoon to Home (Go Sandra. You Rock!), it’s time to catch up on The Road to #sgelections.

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During the Opposition’s  meet-up just before the Jubilee weekend, there were rumors of unresolved constituencies with members refusing to back down. Reform Party Chief and Independent candidate Tan Lam Siong were seen to leave the meeting in a huff after not agreeing to the discussions.

The jubilee weekend break seems to have done some good and cleared everyone’s head, Opposition parties have now announced that they have reached a mutual decision to the areas that they will be contesting. They have  managed to strike a compromise to avoid multi-corner fights in all but one of the 29 electoral divisions. According to them,

  • NSP avoids multi-cornered fights with Workers’ Party and withdrew from Marine Parade and MacPherson . It will focus on Tampines GRC, Sembawang GRC and Pioneer SMC
  • Singaporean First Party will withdraw its interest to contest Ang Mo Kio GRC and focus its resources on Tanjong Pagar and Jurong GRC, leaving Reform Party to contest AMK
  • Singapore Democratic Party withdraw from Sembawang GRC and makes way for NSP.
  • Potong Pasir SMC the smallest constituency on the political landscape – may see a three-cornered contest – and only because of an independent candidate, who has said he would throw his hat into the ring.

Here is what it will look like now:

opposition-state-of-play-data (1)

(Picture by TODAY)

PAP Organising Secretary, Dr Ng Eng Hean determined not to be outdone in the limelight, have also shared that the PAP will be announcing its entire slate of candidates, including where they will be standing and what they have done thus far in the next two weeks before the National Day Rally takes place on Aug 23.

From what we observe, netizen attempts to sow discord and divide the public sentiments by riling up issues have also been matched toe to toe by the government.

Our greatest disappointment from these announcements is perhaps NSP’s withdrawal from MacPherson SMC – now we will never get to see a catfight between Kevryn Lim and Tin Pei Ling!

Nonetheless, we think that we might still get to see some interesting action  – Roy Ngerng decision to join RP means that his showdown with PM in AMK GRC is inevitable. In addition, Amos and Han Hui Hui were also seen in RP walkabouts and their presence on social media (including spectacle off it) will be an interesting one to watch.

DO not be fooled by the smiles and the waving of flags of during the National Day parade. The stakes are real and The Road to #SgElections is set to heat up even further in the next two weeks.

Don’t take our words for it – just watch.


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Brace yourselves.