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New Faces of GE2015: He Ting Ru

This coming election is shaping up to be the battle of the beauties. Besides NSP’s Kevryn Lim and the PAP’s Tin Pei Ling, the WP seems to be introducing a new candidate and possibly in Macpherson SMC. Ms He Ting Ru has been seen walking with the WP team around Macpherson. Here’s a few facts about the WP’s new face.


  1. She’s a Cambridge graduate

Yes. She graduated in law from Cambridge University and she’s working now as a corporate lawyer. She’s actually one of a growing bunch of hot shot lawyers that have joined the Workers’ Party. Perhaps after getting a whole bunch of lawyers join the WP, they will be able to follow the law.


2) She feels everyone has a role to play in nation building

In a short Q&A with the WP Youth Wing’s website, Ting Ru stated that she “strongly” believed that everyone has to play a part in building up the country they want to see. She also stated her belief that she would like to see Singapore have a more balanced democracy and no divisive politics. While this has been a view that’s been drummed into everyone since primary school, it’s good to hear that an opposition politician agrees.

So who would you prefer amongst the two opposition beauties? Ting Ru or Kevryn? Whether you like them or not, they are probably more pleasant to look at compared to Roy Ngerng or Tan Jee Say.

*Update* Warning: Some sarcasm is used in this article. Apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pictures are from He Ting Ru’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Cover picture from The Straits Times.

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  1. Reading through some of the articles, I really thought we would have a chance of a fairly neutral source of alternative media here. However, the sarcasm used in this article was uncalled for and distasteful, and frankly, not very different from other alternative media taking political sides.

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