After the entire fiasco of the Opposition meeting and the feisty speeches that followed, the National Solidarity Party announced it would not contest Marine Parade GRC and MacPherson SMC so as to avoid a multi-corner fight with the Workers’ Party in the General Election.

Instead, they’ve announced they will stand in Tampines GRC, Sembawang GRC and Pioneer SMC.

Interestingly, their statement said that the WP had not responded to the NSP’s attempts to resolve the issue and release a “joint statement as a symbol of cooperation”. One wonders whether the WP  has become the big bullies in the opposition. Whilst it is obvious that the WP has a stronger team in those contests, this sort of action makes it seem impossible for a “opposition coalition” to form the government like some parties preach about.

It’s certainly a sad story about the opposition unity and solidarity that the parties went on about over the last week.