Roy Ngerng  looks set to join the Reform party (RP), and its sec-gen Mr Jeyaretnam (RP sec-gen) has hinted that Mr Roy could be fielded as part of RP’s team to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC. (Source)


The cosmos it seems,  have conspire for yet another episode of Roy Ngerng versus Singapore’s Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

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It was not too long ago that both of them were locked in a court room battle. Mr Lee sued Roy for defaming him in one of his many online posts  despite giving Roy multiple opportunities to make amends.

If you could remember the episode, Tears were shed. Voices were raised and apologies were aplenty.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

Roy even broke down during the cross examination and the whole saga lasted for 3 days.  During that period, we learnt that Roy was able to play to the crowd sentiments to gain sympathy. We learn that Roy would do anything, even lie in his statements to draw the public attention to himself. It is when he was in the lime light that he will string together his points to attack the PM..again.

PM Lee on the other hand showcased that he has nothing to hide and displayed class by giving Mr Roy opportunity after opportunity to make clear his intentions so that they could settle the defamation suit amicably. PM was cool during the cross examination and highlighted his responsibilities as PM.

Both sides will make written submission on the case by Aug 31. Their feud runs deep and might not be easily resolved despite the court case being over. With the inclusion of Roy Ngerng in RP’s team, the road to #sgelections is set to become even more interesting as both Roy and Mr Lee campaign against each other.

If Hardwarezone Zone chatter were to be believed, residents who had hoped for change smacked their forehead and balked at the thought of having Roy Ngerng represent them.  Ang Mo Kio GRC residents who wanted change would rather tear the votes than cast it for either one of them.

The Road to Election continues . . .