In the coming days, Singapore will be celebrating its 50th National Day. It’s gonna be a long weekend but don’t forget to go down to some of the various activities going on all over the island. Then in the evening of the 9th, many Singaporeans will gather at the Padang and Floating Platform for the National Day Parade.

Do you still remember Sing Singapore? We had that “festival” every year during the National Day period, with the launch of the year’s National Day song. As Singapore reaches its 50th year, let’s look back at some of the top National Day Theme songs.

(5) We Are Singapore, 1987 It’s a classic. This is my country, this is my flag, this is my future, this is my life. Can’t get more patriotic than that.

(4) Stand Up For Singapore, 1984

This is one of the songs I remember singing during my younger days. Another memorable song. I remember that at one time, there were dozens of kids singing this song on the streets and standing on chairs saying that they were standing up for the country.

(3) Together, 1999

This is just a personal favourite. Let us go the distance, reach for goals that shine.

(2) We Will Get There, 2002

This is probably one of the better songs of the last 15 years. While patriotic and a pop song (somewhat), it still retains the essence of Singapore. We are on a journey and there are difficulties we will face but we will get there!

(1) Home, 1998

This one is a crowd pleaser and a fan favourite. It is the essence of everything you remember about Singapore when you are away from it. You simply remember… Home. Kit Chan hit everything right in this classic and this is one of the songs you still hear frequently. Happy National Day, everyone!

Cover picture from TODAY