The Transport Minister announced the next best thing to free transport earlier this week – Transport fares will be reduced up to 1.9 percent from December 2015 to reflect the reduced fuel costs. – Yay!

Compared to other first world countries, Singapore’s public transport fare is far lower than in Hong Kong, London, New York and Tokyo. This is a remarkable achievement despite the fact that Singapore is currently one of the most expensive city to live in beating the likes of Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney. (Source)

Rumor moguls were quick to highlight the upcoming General Elections as the main reason for this reduction in transport fares. It seems that the government is going back to basics and reducing the cost of bread and butter issues to win votes.


It is however useful to note that since 2014, there were as many fare concessions as there were increases to help ease the burden transportation costs for commuters. (Source)

The latest reduction in transportation costs will definitely give commuters something to cheer about. In addition, there are also new trains being put in service. This not only boosts capacity by 60 percent but also reduce the average waiting time during peak hours form 3.5 mins to just 2.7 minutes.

It is little wonder that the public are already compiling reasons why there should be a General Election every year.  The government just keeps giving!

Oh btw, we do have free transport in Singapore. All train gantries will be open to grant free access throughout the day on National day. SBS Transit services including non-basic services such as Parks, Chinatown Direct and Night Owl bus services will also be made free to mark the Jubilee weekend. (Source)

Welcome to Singapore everyone – where fare reductions and free transport is not an urban myth

Enjoy the perks while they last!