Following up on our feature on Kevryn Lim, let’s take a look at the top 7 hottest candidates of the General Elections 2015. In the interest of political correctness, we’ll include some male candidates (if we can find any!).

7) Lee Li Lian, the Workers’ Party


Coming up first, we have an opposition favourite. Ms Lee is the MP for Punggol East SMC. She’s currently a full-time MP after resigning from her job as a financial trainer at Great Eastern. During her current term, she has given birth to her first child and is the second MP to give birth while in office. She is a shining example for Singaporeans that it is possible to have a career while starting a family.

6) Jessica Tan, People’s Action Party


Jessica Tan is the current Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC. She’s probably the nerdiest MP around after working in the IT industry since 1989. She’s currently the managing director at Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd. According to Microsoft’s profile on her, she’s “been an industry champion for enabling people with disabilities, seniors, start-ups and education institutions with technology”.

5) Chen Show Mao, the Workers’ Party

kblow07 ST07042011-182330 / Kor Kian Beng / Alphonsus Chern // Mr Chen Show Mao, Workers' Party potential candidate. [GE2011]

Coming in next on our list is Mr Chen Show Mao, MP for Aljunied GRC. One of the big stars from the WP’s GE2011 campaign, he represents the Paya Lebar ward. Chen was actually born in Taiwan and migrated to Singapore when he was 11. Over the years, he’s grown to love the country and chose to do National Service before he became a citizen. He’s also one of the most brilliant candidates in the WP’s line-up after graduating from Harvard and Oxford Universities.

4) Baey Yam Keng, People’s Action Party


Mr Baey Yam Keng is probably the most probably one of the most technologically savvy MPs to date. He’s pretty active on social media and his constant stream of selfies at various events has hit the front pages of news websites. A popular MP in his constituency, he has been a full time MP since 2012 after resigning from his position at public relations firm Hill+Knowlton. He’s probably one of the more active MPs and has been organising evening runs around the neighbourhood. He’s someone to look up to if you’re interested in healthy living.

3) Glenda Han, the Workers’ Party


Ms Glenda Han is not a current Member of Parliament but we believe she will definitely be contesting again this year. She contested her maiden campaign in Ang Mo Kio GRC. During the 2011 campaign, she received the constant adoration by netizens and was labelled one of the “babes of GE2011”. Unfortunately, she’s no longer available after marrying South African music director Matheu Kieswetter.

2) Kevryn Lim, National Solidarity Party


You’ve probably already seen her on social media or in the press. She’s being labelled the new “Nicole Seah”. Ms Kevryn Lim is probably going to be one of the big faces during the GE2015 campaign. During her recent interview with TODAY, she stated her sources of political inspiration and influence were Prof. Kishore Mahbubani’s Can Singapore Survive and American TV show House of Cards. She’s hoping at shine at the next GE2015 and is one to watch. She was trending on social media after it surfaced that she is a part-time model.

1) Tin Pei Ling, the People’s Action Party


Ms Tin Pei Ling is the original beauty of the GE2011. She is a sitting MP for Marine Parade GRC (MacPherson SMC in 2015). At the moment she is pregnant with her first child and will likely be the third MP to give birth while in office. After the various incidents during the previous elections, Tin has grown much more resilient during her first term and hopes to contest MacPherson SMC. Her popularity has soared over her term after reaching out to residents in her area.

Edit: She has since become the 3rd MP to have a child while in office.

Thanks to, Straits Times, AsiaOne,, for the pictures