According to online rumour moguls, the PAP is working on an overdrive to discredit the Workers’Party before the elections – they have been for months showcasing the lack of integrity and transparency in the AHPETC town council and even appealed in the Supreme Court to send in Independent Auditors to check their accounts just to make sure that the money for the residents were accounted for.

Super Drama. You can refer to the time line here

In a turn of events, The Court of Appeal earlier reserved judgement on the Ministry of National Development’s appeal against the dismissal of its application to appoint independent accountants to oversee Government grants to the AHPETC town council. (i.e it’s the first time anyone is doing this, they are taking the time to deliberate and will decide at a later date)

Double the drama. Someone out there must be shaking his head.

How now brown cow?

We may not understand the Town Council Act or may have even forgotten most of the facts of the case but we know this much – The real victims are the residents of Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East.

We say look beyond the politics and the charades and touch your heart with these two questions

Did the auditors find something amiss with the AHPETC accounts – Yes

Did the AHPETC go bankrupt despite healthy funds in 2011 – Very Likely, AHPETC refuse to submit the 2014 accounts …

We await with bated breath for the results by the Court – for the sake of the residents.