If you really needed proof that an election is coming, you’ve got it. NSP has a new Nicole Seah, who was clearly NSP’s face for GE2011. Except she probably does not have that squeaky clean image Nicole certainly portrayed.

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1) Her sources of political inspiration and influence

In an interview with TODAY, Kevryn stated that her sources of political inspiration and influence were Can Singapore Survive by Prof. Kishore Mahbubani and the TV show House of Cards.

Just in case you’ve not watched House of Cards before, it is about the story of Frank Underwood, a democrat from South Carolina, who creates a plan to get himself to the US Presidency through some pretty ruthless actions.

She’ll probably connect with the younger generation pretty well but I’m not too sure about House of Cards as a political inspiration.


Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood in House of Cards

2) She wants to shine!

Just like Rihanna, Kevryn wants to room to shine. That was her response to a question about why she chose to join the NSP, a smaller party.

ST_20150727_OPPO27_1546111She hopes to shine!

3) Her pet issues

Being the pragmatist (based on her House of Cards inspiration again), she stated that transport was the issue she felt most strongly about. She said rising public transport fares, COE premiums and ERP charges were the things she was interested in.

4) She’s a part-time model!

Social media and online forums have been abuzz with chatter about Kevryn, especially after it surfaced that she worked as a part-time model. In fact, her modelling profile can still be found at perthmodel.com.

redwire-singapore-kevryn-lim-nsp-11She definitely doesn’t have the squeaky clean image.

Credit to Redwiretimes (for CSI), Straits Times, Forbes.com