The public got a glimpse of Mr Jover Chew again; months after a viral video of him cheating his customers who bought iPhones from him made sensational news and sparked a witch-hunt for errant hand phone retailers.


According to Channel NewAsia, Chew now faces a total of 28 charges which includes cheating, criminal intimidation and conspiracy to commit cheating. Customers were allegedly forced to buy phones and in-house warranties at inflated prices and when the victims want to back out, they had to pay dubious fees to cancel the bill. One such victim was a Vietnamese tourist who had paid S$950 for an iPhone6 but was told that he had to add S$1,500 in warranty fees. (Source: CNA)

It was a nasty episode that tainted the stall owners in Sim Lim Square as they were all assumed to be scheming and crooks.

As one of the tourist destination in Singapore for cheap electronics, the government and the management of Sim Lim Square went to great lengths to improve their image and protect their valued customers. Shops that see many complaints from customers will now face extra surveillance that has audio recording device. Stickers were also put up on shops to indicate that complaints have been made against them. The management has also been empowered to kick out unsavoury tenants and block dishonest buisnesses from resetting up shops entirely (Source: ST)

As of now, tourists are still sceptical of the place. But for bargain hunters, Sim Lim Square is second to none when you want to buy your electronics. Just look out for those stickers that tell you to be careful (”,)

(Source: TripAdvisor)