‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ – Benjamin Franklin

As talk swirls of an imminent election, and parties start to do their walkabouts to garner support and lay claim to their territories, we take a look at the possible strategies that the the PAP and WP might employ as they go around your neighbourhood (hopefully soon!)

Try ‘seeing through’ their approaches and compare it to what you have read here. Let us know if we were spot on with the points raised.

Just remember that we called it here first – Thoughts of Real Singaporeans.

People Action Party

  • Post Lee Kuan Yew Sentiments

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Hundreds of thousands of people lined up to give their last respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew when he passed away earlier this year. Millions of tributes were penned to share how he has made a difference to their lives. During the national mourning period, the public voted with their feet. PAP has delivered in the past 50 years to bring Singapore to where she is today. PAP MPs will be quick to cash in on these emotions.

  • Nostalgia / SG50



As Singapore celebrates her Golden Jubilee, there are literally thousands of feel good campaigns to reminiscence the good old days and to remind the public about the progress that Singapore has made over the years. The public will no doubt feel fortunate and thankful to be Singaporeans. MP’s will go all out to ‘milk’ this 50 years of progress and remind you how we can only get better.

  • Pioneer Generation Package



The Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) is the best thing that has happened to the elderly in Singapore as it takes care of their medical needs at all government hospitals. What better message to the public than gratitude, piety and taking care of our own. Great ice breaker for the MPs with the elderly in their neighbourhood and making themselves an instant hit with the public.


PAP strategy is simple – to make people stop with their online vitriol, to think and reflect– that the infrastructure, convenience and wealth that Singaporeans currently enjoy are the direct result of the accountability and commitment that PAP has towards Singapore and Singaporeans. Sweat, blood and tears built upon the people’s trust and support.

Workers Party

  • Brand Name



Traditionally, the Workers’ Party is associate with notions like ‘to oppose’ or ‘to counter -attack’. Its where opposition takes root and anti-establishment sentiments are fueled. WP MPs will share how they are staying true to the root of the workers party and standing up to bigger players.

  • Underdog sentiments


With only 7 people in Parliament, they claim that the whole word is against them. They have to fend off the PAP from fixing them at every turn and not everything that you read in the media is true. Even the AGO reports that they might be bankrupt and siphoning off Town Councils money is not true. WP MPs will smile and tell you to be emphatic they are standing up for your rights in Parliament.

  • Cry foul and raise hot button issues to resonate with the people

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From the number of complains that HDB receives to the breakdown of the train services, WP will remind you why the current system is failing. They will raise issues after issues to stoke the public sentiments against the PAP. WP MP’s will have a upper hand with this strategy because the issues that they highlighted will strike a chord with the public (e.g MRT breakdowns). They will however stop short of giving solutions and blame it on the government because the solution did not work.


WP strategy stays true to its root – counter attacks. They will appeal to the public that they are necessary to function as checks in the first world parliament and that  if you do not like the PAP (for whatever reason), just vote for them. They supposedly will know better

Our Thoughts

We have said it before and we will say it again. Voting is a matter of the heart and whatever policies that you have previously implemented matters very little to the public. The public needs to feel that you care for them, you are one of them and that you share their problems on the ground.

To this end, we think that the PAP has a slight edge over the WP.

Instead of surfacing problems and not proposing any significant solutions like the WP, the PAP is actually telling the people “look, we have accomplished much when you put your trust us. Just look around you and the infrastructure that you currently enjoy. Our founding father gave up his life for Singaporeans – We will too.”

In an election, the heart wins every time. While the PAP has much to improve, much to do and much to lose, their heart is in the right place and they have the mechanisms to make an intricate city state like Singapore work.

If rumors are to be believed and that the elections will be called after National Day, sentiments will be at an all-time high as Singaporeans celebrate 50 years of progress with song and dance.

Touch your heart and listen to it.