In our last article, we highlighted that elections is generally a matter of the emotions and that voters will choose according to what their heart tells them to.

It matters not what your policies say or the half-truths that you tell the public, what matters most is whether people like what they see and if they feel that you are good enough to lead them. Unless you make a huge PR boo-boo, all the information that the national broadsheets have been publishing  online and offline will inundate you and leave you more undecided than ever.

With this reasoning as our background, we think that the MacPherson SMC will be a tough place for its residents to decide.

Two of the hottest babes ever to grace the GE might compete there.

Tin Pei Ling


In the 2011 election, Ms Tin was the PAP’s youngest candidate at age 27. Many had then questioned her maturity and ability to be a Member of Parliament.

She has since put those comments to rest.

“My past years of interactions with residents through my work here in the constituency is something that sets things into perspective,” said Ms Tin. “On personal attacks in the past or some of the criticisms that were focused on me as an individual, I think that pales in comparison to the bread-and-butter issues that residents face on a day-to-day basis.”


Kevryn Lim


The National Solidarity Party (NSP) created a hoo-ha when they their Meet & Greet session at Serangoon Central with a lady who is said to be the new   even hotter than Nicole Seah.

NSP candidates have been working hard and conducting frequent walkabouts in the Marine Parade GRC ward in preparation for upcoming elections.
According to her Linkedin profile, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, Public Relations and Film & TV from the Curtin University of Technology, as well as a Masters in Professional Communication from the same university.

Kevryn even served as an online radio presenter on Radio Television Hong Kong, making her a mini-celebrity in her own right!


Workers’ Party

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The Workers’ party has signaled its intention to context in five SMCs and this includes Macpherson SMC but have yet to parade their contestants.

With Kervyn and Tin Pei Ling contesting, the Workers’ Party will have to field an equally ‘chiobu’ female candidate. Either that or they will have to field one heck of a gorgeous man to woo the hearts of MacPherson SMC ladies just to level the playing field.


When it comes to the ballot box, logic and reason might play tricks on your mind. The heart however, speaks the truth.

With ladies such as these to set your hearts all a flutter,  MacPherson SMC will be an interesting story in The Road to #SGElections2015