When we first came across the video clip, we thought to ourselves, where on earth did this happen; surely not in Singapore.

As we continue to read more information on the post, our lips parted into a smile.

Something special happened in Singapore yesterday afternoon.

More than 30 passer-bys came forward to help a man trapped underneath a lorry at the junction of Bendemeer Road and Boon Keng Road.

With over 200,000 views  on FB and countless of netizens haling them as heroes, many across the island must be glad, that humanity, compassion and selflessness exist in strangers walking along the streets of Singapore.

It was not clear how the man ended up under the truck or what happened before that but what was clear is that in that moment of need when someone needed help, they – foreigners included, came rushing forth, lock their shoulders together and heave in harmony and rhythm to tilt the lorry and free the man beneath.

According to The Straits Times eyewitness account,

“I saw the truck driver in hysterics. When I saw two older men calling over people to lift the truck, we rushed over,”. When the truck had been lifted high enough, one of us went under it to help pull the injured man out despite the risks involved. “Someone shouted to get the man free, and I did it instinctively. I was afraid those lifting the truck might get tired, so I made sure to keep as low as possible,” – A Filipino design engineer, who wanted to be known only as Dennis, said he was on his way to lunch from his office across the road, when he and his colleague heard someone moaning from 200m away.

“An Indian man helped me. The two of us managed to pull him out. It happened very quickly.”

As a result of their quick thinking and public spiritedness, the victim escaped with a leg fracture and most importantly alive.

In Singapore, you do not need a cape or a uniform to be a hero, the sincere heart and the willingness to help is all you need.

Welcome to Singapore. There are many heroes amongst us.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If-V5dg3qM8]