We explained why having narrow corridors was rather acceptable in Pasir Ris One from a developer’s point of view.

Not only is it perfectly safe during times of an emergency such as in a fire, it functions as a transient space and encourages you to go out and enjoy the great facilities located nearby such as the beautiful beaches, excellent parks and a fun filled resort that cater to all age groups.

The developers however grossly underestimated the attachment Singaporeans feel for corridors.

Several newspaper letters, multiple threads on popular forums and four Parliamentary questions later, the developers knew they had to make corrections on the design and layout of the DBSS housing units.

The message is clear. You do not mess with our corridors.

You can decrease our living space. You can have ugly colour schemes.

The buck stops with decreasing corridor space.

Short of having to redesign the entire project (which have already been sold and occupied), developer of Pasir Ris One are looking at replacing the units gates with a different design – one that will enhance the space along the corridors. (Source:  The Straits Times)

The developers have pledged to bear the costs (duh!) and do this “as soon as possible”.

We just hope that with the ‘wider corridors’ issue settled – residents can now truly enjoy what living in Pasir Ris means – Why living in the East Side is better

With the  new  two-storey hawker centre opening soon. They can now tapao the food there and have a huge gathering at the corridor with their neighbors.