Damming Report. Hari Kiri. Corruption.

You would think that judging by the reaction of certain online cites that the AGO has lifted the veil to the pandora’s box of corruption that exist in the Government. The Singapore Government.

Like a B grade horror flick, they plot out shock after shock.

Shocking. Double Standards. Karma is a bitch.

Is it really?

The damning AGO Annual report: This is a report that comes out every year. It is about identifying process lapses and improving, not a doomsday report card. This isn’t an excuse to minimise lapses. If anything, does it not mean that the Independent office of the Auditor General is working.

Double Standards: Immediate comparisons with the AHPETC was made but have the same people baying for blood bothered to compare the details. Not really because its easier to sensationalize headlines to obfuscate what’s really going on. The AGO was able to do their jobs expediently only because full sets of accounts were submitted properly. This is an instance where bureaucratic processes and procedures actually work. Audits were made based on these accounts and findings made public.

Compare this to AHPETC, submitting accounts that are not only late but willfully incomplete, year after year.

Karma is a Bitch Yes it is. The police were sent in. Formal investigations started. The offender made to step down to assist in these investigations. Again, compare this to slugging it out in court, and refusing to allow for proper accounting of books.

Yet, like a dog with a bone, they keep a frenzy.