The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) poll of 2000 respondents attitudes towards government measures to encourage marriage and childbirth shows a drop in those who were persuaded by traditional incentives (i.e. maternity leave, baby bonus) to have children. (Source: The Straits Times)

Singaporeans are not having enough children

According to the poll, the percentage of respondents who felt maternity leave benefits would have an influence on their decision to conceive has decreased by 11 percent from 66 percent in 2009, when a similar survey was conducted.

Baby Bonus also no longer has the same effect as in the past. Only 50 percent of couples mentioned that they are attracted by the baby bonus, a significant drop from 69 percent in the past.

Singapore’s total fertility rate dipped from 1.6 in 2000 to 1.25 last year.


Either we are not having enough sex or we are deliberately choosing not to have children. Either way, this is not acceptable, how can we complain about having too many foreigners in our amidst when we are not creating enough Singaporeans among ourselves in the first place to tip the population balance.

I mean, have you ever seen India being overrun by foreigners? They don’t because every year Indians produce more Indians than total number of incoming foreigners.

Heck, they even produce enough to borrow them to other countries just to maintain the other country’s population statistics

Singaporeans too must find ways to make more Singaporeans.


SG50 Couple Night

The Singapore Government thinks like a man. How can the state give SG50 bonus for babies without creating the environment to have the baby in the first place? This is the same offence as not kissing first, avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones.

Tsk tsk

Forget policies and cash handouts as incentives. Singaporeans are rather straight-forward.

Since it is a SG50 year, we should start with a romantic couple night dedicated to procreation.  Complimentary child care for a day. Complimentary one night stay at hotels around Singapore.


Make condom a controlled prescription

If Singapore can discourage smoking by increasing its taxes and even removing their availability on counter shelves, the same approach could be adopted for condoms and birth control pills in Singapore. Make it difficult and expensive to obtain them. Put gruesome pictures of old people dying alone because they chose not to procreate on condom and birth control packages .

Tough times require tough approaches. It is no longer about choice, because the falling birth rate will have dire consequences on Singapore’s future (i.e workforce, aging population, healthcare, economy, etc)

I’m a patriotic husband, you are my patriotic wife, lets do our civic duty and manufacture life. The birth rate ain’t gona spike itself. I’m gona tap you all night like an ex-link card.

(Source: 2012 Singapore National Campaign for families: Mentos National Night)