This morning, general sale for Taylor Swift’s November 7 & 8  concert “The 1989 World Tour” opened today. Swifties all around Singapore rejoiced and raced to purchase their tickets for her latest concert. While many were overjoyed to learn they secured the tickets, others were left feeling disappointment after being a mere seconds and minutes late.

There is little worse than seeing this screen after jumping up early in the morning to see every section had been sold out.

taylor swift

Basically, all it took was 10 minutes to sell out, especially with most of the tickets sold during the American Express priority sale.

Now, those disappointed Swifties are faced with either missing this concert or paying the big markups to buy tickets over online forums or carousell. And for those that did get those precious tickets, have fun on the 7th & 8th November!

Featured picture from Zimbio