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The SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC)

The SAF just got reinforcements

226 military volunteers just completed their two week basic training and became newly minted soldiers of the Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps (SAFVC).

Among them are women, first-generation permanent residents and new citizens aged between 18-45 and not liable for national service.

They came from all walks of life but they are now coming together for a common purpose: to play a part in defending the country they call home

The trainees will be deployed for roles such as defence psychologist, medical trainers and security troopers who are armed with rifles and petrol key installation like Changi Airport.

Speaking after the parade, Guest-of-Honour Dr Mohamad Maliki bin Osman, Minister of State for Defence, said it was “very heartening to see the level of enthusiasm (and) the passion that they had, to want to serve and support NS.”

“It was very encouraging to see Singaporeans and PRs from all walks of life coming together. I was very proud to see each and every one of them singing the national anthem, and I think that shows the amount of pride and seriousness that they put into this whole effort of being a volunteer in the SAF,” he said of the SVs.

Dr Maliki also thanked the families and employers of the SVs who had attended the parade, saying: “Without the support of community members like the families, the volunteers themselves would not be able to perform their function as part of the Volunteer Corps. Everyone has a role to play in defence.”

From using a  ‘sampan boat’ to patrol her shores when starting her own national service to giving her new citizens the opportunity to play a part in defending the country they call home, Singapore has come a long way in her 50 years of independence. One thing that has remained consistent through the years – Singaporeans will defend our country with pride and without question.

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(Pictures and Exerpts from Cyberpioneer and The Straits Times)

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