It’s the first week of Ramadan, and writing about food makes me think about my Muslim friends who are fasting. Perhaps some of them will be having curry puffs for break fast later.. wonder what will be in their curry puffs. Could it be sardine? egg? potato? Or the more happening ones like chilli crab or beef rendang?

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The curry puff is a tasty snack. There are so many variants of curry puff in Singapore that you will be spoilt for choice. No two curry puffs are the same, not even those ‘instant’ ones that requires you to heat up in the microwave oven.

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There is one particular curry puff however, that has been grabbing headlines in Singapore recently.

These curry puffs are made in the shadows and ordered through hushed tones. Money exchanged hands quickly and a quick nod of acknowledgement is all you need to do to seal the deal. Their sales were rumoured to bring in thousands of dollars per day.

We are talking about illegally made curry puffs. No one knows what goes inside the filling and under what conditions they were made.

A recent report revealed that, some of these illegal curry puffs compromised hygiene and safety standards and were made in massive quantities in the living rooms of housing units.  These curry puffs were then sold on side-walks and transport interchange where the human traffic is high. (Source: Asia One)

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(A curry puff syndicate was recently busted.  Their cooking conditions compromised safety and hygiene standards – Source: Asia One)

Earlier this week, a man tried to smuggle curry puffs in a car through Tuas checkpoint. After clearing his documents, he passed through the secondary clearance without stopping and claimed that he misunderstood the instructions of the customs officers to pull over. Cameras recorded him driving at a speed of 142km/h. (Source:  Channel News Asia)

The speed limit there was 15km/h

Face palm.

Police officers eventually caught up with him at Pioneer Road and arrested him. They discovered that he had massive quantities of curry puffs in his car.

Whatever curry puffs he was carrying, it seems like he was willing to endanger people’s lives including himself just to make sure it was delivered.

Singapore is a food haven destination and curry puffs are all the rage now.

We cannot help but wonder, what was the the filling in those curry puffs. suspension on the car that enabled him to drive 142km/h through dozens of speed bumps in the immigration complex.

They are literally to die for.