The Apple Watch launched in Singapore today and as expected, Apple fanatics began queuing since yesterday night to get their hands on the world’s bestselling smartwatch. Let’s just remind ourselves of the two best features of the Apple Watch…

  • Office hours are a breeze

Time flies as your watchface is always blank to conserve battery life. You’ll never have to see seconds take an eternity to tick by again. And its “all-day” battery life means if you ever forget to charge it, you’ll get a blank watchface more frequently.

  • A reminder of how rich or poor you are

For those of you that cannot afford the Apple Watch Edition, your watch be a constant reminder that you are not rich enough to afford the 18-carat gold version. Especially sad for those that can only afford the Sports version.

Anyway, in a fine display of Singaporean kiasu-ism, queues appeared to still be snaking around Raffles City at 10am this morning. Well, here’s to hoping that you enjoy your watch since a new one is probably going to be announced soon?


Photo courtesy of MediaCorp