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Conspiracy theory – Former MP Phey Yew Kok

Former NTUC president and MP Phey Yew Kok was charged in court after decades on the run.  He had turned himself in at the Singapore Embassy in Thailand earlier this week. (Source: CNA)

35 years ago under the charges for misuse of union funds, Mr Phey jumped bail and fled Singapore.


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When the news first broke out, rumors were rifle. Our fathers and grandfathers mention his name with hushed tones. Many speculated that it was all one huge cover-up by the PAP. How was Mr Phey still able to hold on to his passport even though he was already found guilty of corruption? He escaped the country without anyone knowing until it was too late?

Heck, the government could find Mr Anonymous (the hacker) but not Mr Phey Yew Kok?

Too fishy they say. There was more than meets the eye.

Here is what we manage to dig up from the World Wide Web. We are not saying that it is the truth. But it will definitely blow your mind.

Mr Phey Yew Kok was the rising star in the trade union circles and has been ear marked as an upcoming Prime Minister of Singapore. His influence was larger than the than President of Singapore, Mr Devan Nair. Unfortunately, in his quest for power, he double crossed some of his closes allies in the government. They than decide to get rid of him (as the pictures below shows, he won’t be the first nor the last, But that’s a story for another time).

weetoonboon tehcheangwan

They decide to use the very union that he had build against him. He was charged for misappropriating the Union’s funds.

When Mr Phey Yew Kok was charged for corruption, the case quickly got out of hand.  There was no way to handle his corruption case without exposing all the misdeeds of the unionist and the previous government.  He will implicate too many people and let too many secrets out.

Singapore’s push for a first world economy during the 1980’s means that they cannot afford such a corruption scandal to blow up and shake the trust in the government, driving away all the potential investors. There was just too much at stake. The government than allegedly seek the convenient way out. Under the cover of darkness, they let Mr Phey slip into the neighboring country, and with him, the ‘misdeeds’ of the government. They killed two birds with one stone. They manage to get rid of him and cover their  misdeeds. Problem solved.

NTUC through their business was one of the biggest importers of rice from Thailand, thanks to the push by Mr Phey. Thailand owed him and gave him special protection while he was on the run. Despite the rumours, Mr Phey resided comfortably in Thailand for the past 35 years, until he chose to give himself up.

Mr Phey is back.

Coincidentally it is also during a period when the calls for the next election was starting to gain traction.

Our fathers were right.

Too fishy they say. There was more than meets the eye.

Mr Phey is now 81 years old. He claimed that he has run out of money. His health is deteriorating.

Why would  he came back to Singapore?

Three words.

Pioneer Generation Package and a shot at the CHAS card.

Just make sure you impound his passport properly this time around.

Source: Cry Freedom Blog

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