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DBSS – Design, Build, Sell Scheme

I always thought that some of the DBSS flats look awesome.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky1lPhs7tik]

The design, finishing and quality of a DBSS apartment unit is usually better than that of a typical HDB flat. DBSS units do not come with the pool, gym, and the other facilities that  normal condos enjoy, however, it has all the condo interior fitting fully furnish such as  kitchens cabinets , bathrooms, cabinets and air conditioners. This makes it a good option for owners who do not regularly use condo facilities such as the gym or the pool as they can still enjoy these ‘condo designs’.

In terms of ‘status’ and pricing, DBSS falls under the category of a high-end HDB resale flat (think the S$1m Bishan units) and an executive condo.

In short the DBSS  is more ‘atas’ than the normal HDBs.

Recent reports on the issues with DBSS units such as Pasir Ris One in Pasir Ris,  Trivelis in Clementi and Central 8 in Tampines have changed my mind slightly.

For the first time, residents were complaining about the size of their corridors.


(Pic of corridor in Pasir Ris One from Hardware Zone forum )

Hardware zone forum currently has 40 pages (and counting) of netizens ranting their displeasure over the DBSS units. They felt that they were short changed on the quality of the furnishings, and the size of the apartment. They alleged that the developers did not deliver what was promised are asking the government for help to ensure that DBSS developers deliver quality homes.

Here are some of our thoughts on it.

1 – Corridor to facilitate access. The purpose of the corridor is to facilitate access in and out of your unit and also to ensure that the residents can escape quickly and safely during times of emergency such as in a fire. To this end, the corridors in Pasir Ris One perform its function perfectly. Its 1.2m width complies with the latest in Fire Safety standards.

2 – You are not meant to spend time along the corridors. Pasir Ris One is located at an excellent location with close proximity to a shopping mall, a beautiful beach, excellent parks and a resort filled with activities for all age groups. The developers probably thought, you are either going to spend your time indoors or outdoors, but not along the corridors. They therefore maximised the space of your living areas and minimised transient spaces. such the corridors.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zceFoOnD08M]

Why spend time along corridors when you have the beach, the sand and the sun a mere stone throw away.

At the time when we finish this article, Mothership has also posted on 10 reasons why your life is much better because you stay in the latest DBSS housing project. Its a satire piece on the quality of the furnishings and layout in Pasir Ris One DBSS project.

Thank God, that was the last DBSS project. Min Khaw mentioned that Singaporeans can now look forward to the Executive Condominiums which are kept affordable for the sandwich class.  MND remains committed to not only provide affordable housing for all but also turning them into assets in which their values will appreciate over time.

At the end of the day, DBSS or not, all Singaporeans will have a roof over their heads.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U88XsBn9VL8]

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