Mothership had an article in April last year about the different types of civil servants that exist in Singapore. From the scholars to the tai-chi masters, that article was oozing with truth.

The life of a Civil Servant is hard. While many reckoned it to having an iron rice bowl, there are also downsides to being a Civil Servant.

Yesterday, at about 5pm. All civil servants were reminded about it again.

Their mid-year bonus was announced to the public.

In addition to their 0.5 mid-year bonus, civil servants will receive a one-off bonus of S$500 as Singapore marks its 50th birthday.





Yay? – wait a min!

Singaporeans were merciless in their comments. Many demanded a share of the bonus by virtue that they are also Singaporeans and that they deserve it as much as the civil servants do. Speculation of upcoming elections and vote buying went rampant as opposition parties began propagating that every Singaporean should receive $500 too.

Pity the civil servants. All they wanted was to be thankful of the $500. Instead now the whole world knows about their bonus and wants a part of it. It’s not even their fault. They got families to feed too.

Firstly, like private companies, the government acts an employer to these civil servants. It’s a employer, employee relationship. You don’t hear the civil servants baying for a share when DBS announced to distribute $1000 as an SG50 gift to its entire employee do you?

Secondly NTUC have also unite the unions and employers to urge companies to show special recognition to their staff, whether in cash or kind, in celebration of Singapores’s 50 years of independence.

Speaking at a media briefing on the National Wages Council’s annual wage guidelines for the year ahead, NTUC president Diana Chia said: “There is a tripartite consensus that we should try to support an SG50 bonus for companies that can afford it.”

Lastly, about 82 000 civil servants received this bonus. That is only 3.3% of the voting population. That’s a sure ineffective way to spend money if PAP are looking to buy votes.

Life as a civil servant is hard. People will know when we will receive our salary, estimate how much we roughly earn and know the percentage of our bonuses.

On a  lighter note. As per what Mr Brown tweeted.

Fret not Singaporeans.  Not all Singaporeans may get the $500 SG50 bonus, but all Singaporeans will receive one NDP funpach each. XOXO




Source: Asia One, Channel News Asia, Mothership