Bernama reported that the recent  magnitude 5.9 quake in Sabah is the most severe earthquake in Malaysia since 1976 when Sabah’s Lahad Datu was hit rocked by a magnitude 5.8 event. It also said four earthquakes had been reported in Ranau in the past 39 years, with one in 1989 at a magnitude of 5.6; 1991 (5.1); March 2005 (4.1) and in February 2010 (2.6).

The earth is moving and everytime it does, it triggers earthquake, landslides and even Tsunamis. No one could really tell the precise location and time in which an earthquake will happen. Science could only help us predict the earthquake. Personally, I would be as sceptical of the prediction as I would of my smartphone predicting the weather. Sometimes you get it right, most times you don’t.


Pic from Astro Awani and Wikipedia

When initial reports reveled that there were Singaporean students and teachers on Mt Kinabalu, netizens were quick to offer hope and prayer to those involved. As the rescue continue and students and teachers from Tanjong Katong Primary School were found missing, comments quickly escalated to question why there were there in the first place. Allegations of schools trying to outdo each other in their CCAs and to have bragging rights about their students scaling mountains were rifle. Even outrageous allegations that the teachers were there for a free holiday was not spared

Thankfully most Singaporeans were rational and quickly mentioned that it was a natural disaster and that it was nobody’s fault. The route that the students were taking to reach to the summit of Mt Kinabalu has served thousands of other schools before them. In addition, there were also student leaders that have met the necessary physical requirements to undertake such a route. In essence, it was suppose to be another excursion to them. (i.e. simillar to visiting the Zoo).

My faith in humanity was restored when I read the comment below.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those involved in this difficult time.

Read the latest statements by MOE here

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