If you have balloted for your National Day Parade tickets and have not been notified by SMS, there is a high likelihood that you were not successful in your balloting.

I know right. I submitted the names of my entire family into the balloting system to increase my chances in winning the tickets. Sadly not one of the names were successful.

I could go on and speculate about a conspiracy theory and how the whole system was rigged just because I did not manage to get the tickets but I know that deep down in my heart, this NDP is special to many Singaporeans.

This year, Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee.

50 years of blood, sweat and toil. From our fathers to their father’s fathers, all of them contributed to what Singapore is today.

A safe and secure cosmopolitan city.

Come August 9, Singaporeans will stay behind despite the long weekend. They will paint their faces red and white. They will cheer louder and sing the National Anthem with pride.

Singapore is 50 years strong.

I may not have the tickets to the NDP. But ill join my fellow Singaporeans at home. My face will be painted Red and White.

Pic of NDP 2015 Funpack by CNA




Note: Those who wants to find out more about the ticket collection can call